Culture & Science City
Higher Institute for Engineering
6th of October City, Egypt

The Culture & Science City (CSC) .. (مدينة الثقافة و العلوم) .. is considered as the largest gathering private higher institutes in Egypt, where it counts among its shores ten specialized higher institutes recognized all by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities. Its institutes contain nearly thirty scientific departments in various disciplines of engineering, administrative and humanitarian. The CSC is member in the October 6 University (O6U) Council. ... The CSC has obtained several international credential equivalencies.

6th of October Campus

Founded on October 18, 1994
upon issuance of the Ministerial Decree No. 1484

The Higher Institute of Engineering, 6 October City exists to serve the nation by providing:
- Undergraduate education for diverse workforce in engineering and applied science.
- Preparing engineering students to practice their professions competently to meet the ever-changing needs of society, and to continue learning their discipline.
- Outreach that encourages all citizens to consider education and careers in engineering and applied science.
- Technical leadership, guidance, and support to engineering industry.
- The institute strives to provide a learning environment that promote excellence and innovation, ethical practice and responsibility towards society.
- The institute is committed to a culture built on respect of the individual and fair treatment for all.

The following undergraduate degree programs are accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities in Egypt (www.SCU.eun.eg) and is supervised by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education:

1. Construction and Building Engineering (CBE)
2. Mechatronic Engineering (MTE)
3. Computer Engineering (ICE)
4. Industrial Engineering (IME)

Credential Summary
Bachelor's degree in engineering from a recognized university

Country: Egypt
Educational System: Credit Hours
Credential: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Awarded by: Higher Institute of Engineering - 6 October City

Admission requirements: General Secondary Education Certificate
Length of Program: Five years

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Culture & Science City (CSC)

Higher Institute for Engineering (HIE)

Ministry of Higher Eduction. (2008). "A Guide on: Faculties and Institutes of Higher Education In The Arab Republic of Egypt". Issued by: Minister of Higher Education's Bureau, Cairo, Egypt. (PDF)

Higher Institute for Engineering
(6th of October)

1) Establishment:
The Institute was established on 18/10/1994, upon issuance of the Ministerial Decree No. 1484
2) Academic Degrees:
The Institute grants the following academic degree:
* B.Sc. Degree in the following Specializations:
Construction and Building Engineering, Computer Science and Information Engineering, Administrative Industrial Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering
3) Society of Affiliation:
The Institute is affiliated to the Development of the 6th October City Society

Postal Address: Culture and Science City, Central Ring Road, 11th District, 6th of October City



Postgraduate Studies  

An academic cooperation agreement was singed between many governmental universities and October 6 university (O6U) and endorsed by the supreme council of national and private universities June 4,2011 by which O6U is allowed to offer postgraduate programs in Collaboration with Theses Universities and the degree will be granted by them .

Postgraduate Studies
Accordingly, it was agreed on The following :
1. The degrees offered will be those offered by governmental universities (Diploma , Masters and PhD degrees)
2. Theses Universities accept a number of O6U Egyptian applicants to its Masters and PhD programs from Demonstrators and assistant lecturers working at O6U . the tuition and fees will be the same like Egyptian applicants from government universities.
3. Priority will be given for study at These Universities to O6U graduates who fulfill the academic requirements for state universities .
4. For non-Egyptian students, the financial rules will be the same as these universities with additional fees required by O6U .
5. Supervisory committees for the postgraduate degrees will be established by the concerned academic department at these universities each committee is composed of 1-2 senior faculties from the department at these universities with one faculty member from O6U .
6. these universities will grant the degree. The certificate will refer to the fact that work was done in collaboration with O6U .
7. teaching and research will be conducted in classrooms and laboratories of O6U. committee.
8. The most senior faculty either from these universities or O6U will be the chairman of the supervisory committee.
9. All candidates accepted in these programs must fulfill all the theoretical and research requirements of these universities .